Our clients Hook Management, Sebastian Liste and Cyan understood that everytime more users are surfing the internet from their smartphones or tablets. For this reason they asked us to optimized their sites for mobile devices, specially for iPhone but also for Android and Blackberry.

To improve the user experience in this kind of devices: We reduced the content of their sites, avoided uncomfortable zooms, simplified the layout and we had on mind the tactile dimension of these devices.

This kind of optimization did not change their content publishing workflow, and did not imply a double site maintenance either because it’s only one website adapting to different devices.

We have just updated the new collection from Uclothing, a fashion brand launched in L.A. and London. U is your everyday Unique style: Unisex, Utilitarian, Universal.

Our website for the photographer Piero Martinello featured by Siteinspire, an excellent showcase of inspiring web design and CSS gallery designed and developed by the London based studio Kulor. Check it out here.

We were commissioned by the interior designer Fernanda González based in Barcelona to develop her visual identity and her portfolio website. Fernanda has worked on very different types of projects, from small apartments to big houses and offices.

To develop the general concept for her website, we wanted to understand and know better her work. As a first stage, we took the first shots of her more relevant projects. Here you can check some of the picture that will be included in her online portfolio.