Client & location
Hook Management, Madrid (Spain)
web development
Interface design
graphic design
web design


Hook Management

Amaral, Cyan, Dinero, Klaus & Kinski and La Bien Querida amongst others are music bands represented by this Management group based in Madrid (Spain). Hook Management was founded 28 years ago to promote, represent and produce artists and music bands. In this almost 3 decades of work, their scope has always been to promote good music.

When we started working on their website, they asked us to optimized their site for mobile devices, specially for iPhone but also for Android and Blackberry. To improve the user experience in this kind of devices: We reduced the content of their site, avoided uncomfortable zooms, simplified the layout and we had on mind the tactile dimension of these devices.

This kind of optimization did not change their content publishing workflow, and did not imply a double site maintenance either because it’s only one website adapting to different devices.